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Master Thesis

Title: Chromatography Silicon-Strip Detector

The thesis project is about the development of an ion steerer (deflector) to be used in conjunction with a Silicon-Strip Detector (SSD) as a detection frontend of the LRC apparatus.
In fact, as the LRC approach stipulates drift time measurements, a commercial multi-channel plate (MCP) or a channeltron can equally be taken. But, when utilized for detecting short-lived alpha emitters, the steerer-SSD constellation outperforms other detection setups in terms of sensitivity as it enables one to extract drift time information also from the position of alpha-activity hotspots on the detector surface.
The project foresees designing, construction and inauguration of the new detector setup. An available off-line source (Ra-223) will be used in the course of the thesis to provide a proof of principle. If you are interested, we look forward to your application via email to Dr. Mustapha Laatiaoui.