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LRC is a European project aiming at the study of the wholly unexplored atomic structure of elements beyond nobelium (atomic number Z > 102), which so far represented a big hurdle for common optical spectroscopy techniques. Within the project, a novel and efficient way of laser spectroscopy, termed Laser Resonance Chromatography (LRC), is being developed, which will offer capabilities of both broadband level searches and high-resolution hyperfine spectroscopy of these synthetic elements at minute production quantities. The LRC approach combines the element selectivity and spectral precision of laser spectroscopy with cutting-edge technology of ion-mobility spectrometry mass spectrometry.

Aside of exploring new atomic structures, hyperfine spectroscopy of triply charged thorium and state-selected ion chemistry are some of the many multidisciplinary facets of LRC.

This project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 819957. It will run from 2019 to 2024.






October 20, 2021  / by

Recently we published first results on the electronic structure of singly charged rutherfordium. According to our MRCI calculations Rf+ turned out to exhibit a metastable electronic state and laser excitation schemes that can be exploited for the LRC technique. More on this can be found here  




LRC method published

Our method of laser resonance chromatography is currently under development and should allow us to measure spectra of elements above nobelium. The method has now been published in PRL and PRA and highlighted in a Physics Focus story. See also the corresponding press releases.

LRC website goes online!

We are very happy to present our new website! We regularly inform about news, reached milestones and published work related to the LRC project in this news menu. Visitors can learn more about the project and can get in touch with the LRC team via this online portal. A Twitter link is also available. We hope you enjoy exploring our new website further and of course, we are looking forward to your feedback, where we are open to further suggestions or compliments and criticism.